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What should I bring? Tryouts could be indoors or outdoors.  Bring sleeves, sweatshirt, hat, cleats, running shoes, bat, helmet, baseball pants & water/drink (if outdoors).  Bringing a snack/food may be a good idea in case tryouts run long.

Do I need a physical before tryouts? Murray School District requires a physical be completed during the same school year as your tryout.

What if I don't complete the Register My Athlete? Failure to complete the requirements on will result in you not being able to tryout.

Which academic requirements are there? You must have a 2.0 G.P.A with no more than one "F" in terms 2 and 3 to be eligible.

What if I miss a day of tryouts? Athletes participating in another UHSAA sponsored sport on the day(s) of tryouts can request an individual or postponed tryout.  All other players should be in attendance or have made prior arrangements due to unique circumstance.  

What should I expect at tryouts? A player rating is given to all players in the areas of arm strength, accuracy, hitting mechanics, contact %, exit velocity, fielding, 5-10-5 shuttle run, 60 yard dash.  

Can my parents stay and watch? If tryouts are indoors NO.  If they are outdoors YES.  However, parents are not to video/photo any player other than their own son.  Parents are not to interfere in any way with the tryout process.    

What time do tryouts end? There is no set time.  It depends on the number of participants.  Usually Day 1 ends around 6 p.m. or a little later.  

How many days do tryouts last? There are usually 1st cuts after Day 1.  Some players may make it through to Day 2.  There is a cut after Day 2.  IF necessary a Day 3 tryout will be implemented.  Weather and participation numbers could effect this format.

What if I don't make the team? You should get hold of your local Babe Ruth League or Super League and work on your development.  If you ask, Coach will tell you the skill(s) you need to improve.  

How many kids make the team? There is NO set number.  There is a talent threshold/expectation required to compete at the 5A baseball level.  A player must meet that talent threshold to be considered.   Depending on the grade of the player that talent threshold increases.

How do I find out if I did not make the team? You should check the baseball webpage at 9 p.m. after each tryout day to see the list of players invited back.

Can I make the team if I haven't played Comp or Super League? Yes.  Your past playing experience, awards, teams etc. have no bearing on Coach's decision.   

Can I tryout for multiple positions? You should tryout for any position(s) you feel gives you the best chance to showcase your baseball talents.

If I make the team is there a fee? Yes.  $350.  Unless you are invited to St. George.  That is an additional expense. 


MYTH: My parents ability to donate excess money to the program helps my chances in making the team. 

FACT:  The fee is the same for each player.  No player has ever been extended an invitation to be on the team due to the potential of excess donations.

MYTH: Players who made the team last year are automatically on it this year. 

FACT:  Not a chance.  All players will tryout and be evaluated using the same rating scale.  

MYTH: If a player gets cut he'll never make the team in the future. 

FACT:  There have been players not make the team one year and make it the next.   

MYTH: A player who is really nice and a good all around kid will make the team. 

FACT:  Although this type of personality is appreciated and commendable, there is still a skill level requirement that does not get compromised based on personality.  

MYTH: Some kids have been promised they will make the team. 

FACT:  NO player has been promised anything.  If you hear this, don't buy into it.  Talent makes the team.     

MYTH: Only residents of Murray can play baseball for the high school. 

FACT:  A decision to enroll into the Murray School District is a family decision.  It is an open enrollment school district as are most other school districts.  Hundreds of players throughout Utah play for schools other than their home boundary school.  Nearly every team Murray plays will have "out-of-boundary" players.  There are many reasons, unique to each individual family, why kids choose to go to certain schools.  

MYTH: I heard .........  

FACT:  Stop right there!  First, very objectively consider your source.  If you need help understanding the motives/credibility of a source please contact Coach.  He's got a good sense of "sources" in and around the program.  Buyer beware if you buy what they are selling!  If you EVER want to get the FACTS or simply have a question, your main source should be Coach.  If you choose to get your information elsewhere you inherit the real possibility of being mislead or misinformed.  

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